Can any room have a carpet?

CleaningWe are all aware of the positive effects of carpets. They are simply a fantastic addition to any home. They are practical and beautiful at the same time. But when we choose one, we need to keep many things in mind. One of them is the location in our home. There are rooms that are simply not suitable for accommodating a carpet of any kind. You must avoid premises that get wet or smelly. Direct exposure to sun light is also something that is not recommended. That being said you probably have already figured which rooms we are talking about.

Don’t drop food on the carpet

Having a carpet put on the kitchen floor is rarely a good idea. This is a very specific room and most things in it should have a practical aim and accessories are often not very welcome. You don’t usually see couches there or beds. Thick curtains are also not a nice choice and carpets should be put in that group too. Fluffy fabrics and cloths are not welcome in rooms that can get wet, very warm or ones that bear the possibility of a spill. Now don’t get this wrong – you can spill apple sauce in the middle of your living room too but it is not something that happens all the time and it is rarely expected.

If we move to the kitchen however there are a number of dangers for your carpet there. This is where you cook your food. You handle it while raw and while fully cooked too. This is where you cut vegetables, meat and other things. Spices fall on the ground along with crumbs all the time. Let’s not even get into all the liquids you might drop. Sauces, alcohol, jam you name it. One thing is sure- your carpet will not last long in the kitchen. You need either to vacuum it every day or call a professional cleaning company every time you spill ketchup on it. It will quickly turn into a nightmare and your carpet will end up costing way more than what you’ve spent for it. Stick to tiles for that room.

But don’t drop water on it either

Bathrooms are equally as bad of a space for carpets. Not only that you have running water there you yourself are usually wet when coming out of there. Not to mention that many people keep buckets of water there along with mops and cosmetics. Dust isn’t an issue in this room but liquids are. Your carpet will get soggy and that will give you a very unpleasant feeling when stepping on it. It will also ruin the integrity of the fabrics. Keeping it clean will also be a challenge. If the rug is constantly wet this will create a favourable environment for fungi and germs to grow. You will surely destroy your carpet and will compromise your own health. Other “honourable mentions” are:

  • Workshops
  • Basements
  • Attics
  • Sheds

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