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How to Clean Your Cast Iron Pan?

Don’t you just love all your cast iron pots and pans? I am certain that you agree that all food cooked in these pans just tastes better for some reason. But as incredible and durable as they are, they still need proper maintenance and cleaning from time to time so they can last you as long as possible.

Believe it or not, you shouldn’t clean your cast iron pans or pots with soap nor should you throw them in your dishwasher. There are more suitable cleaning methods and I will tell you all about them today.

How to Clean Your Cast Iron Pan?

In order to perform this cleaning task, you will need only a few ingredients – salt, olive oil, and your stove. Yes, we will not be using soapy water. Instead, we will sprinkle salt all over the cookware and then we will place it over our stove and heat it up for a while.

Then wait for the pan to cool down and rinse with warm water. Dry it with a cloth and next apply a very thin layer of olive oil – spread it with paper towels. This will prevent rust plus will protect the pan.

But what to do when you need to season your pan? It’s super easy – and you need lard and tin foil. Just apply a layer of lard to the pan or pot and place the tin foil on the bottom of your oven so it can catch the lard when it melts. Preheat your appliance and then place the cookware in there for an hour.

And once one hour is up, your cast iron cookware will be nice and seasoned – ready to be used whenever you need it! Do this at least once every one or two months depending on how often you use the cookware. You don’t want to overdo it but you also don’t want to neglect your pot or pan and leave it unprotected.