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Cleaning Mistakes You Might Be Doing According To Experts

Who doesn’t enjoy having a spotless home? Cleaning chores are definitely a huge part of our daily routines. But have you ever considered it possible that some of your cleaning methods are damaging to your home? Is it possible that, for example, using too much water to clean your hardwood floors might damage them in the long run? Well, according to the cleaning experts over at Cleaners Manchester – it is possible, and in fact, many people make common mistakes when cleaning their homes!

Using bleach

– To remove rust stains

According to Cleaners Manchester, this is a big no-no! It isn’t a secret – bleach can remove a lot of stains and it is quite effective, however, when you ise them on rust you are actually making the stains worse.

– To deal with mold

It is a common misconception that bleach can kill mold but all bleach actually does is to remove the color and makes the mold less visible – it doesn’t remove it.

Scrubbing painted walls

If you want to remove a stain on your walls then you should be gentle. The last thing you should do is scrub the paint with an abrasive pad which will most likely remove the actual paint as well.

You might consider repainting the affected area.

Using wood polish directly on furniture

Wood polish shouldn’t be sprayed directly on the surface but instead should be sprayed on a clean cloth and wiped on the surface. When spraying it directly on the furniture you will experience staining.

Using metal scouring pads on stovetops

This is a great way to damage and scratch your stovetop – and I know you do not want to do that! That is why you need to stop scrubbing your stovetop with a metal scouring pad.

Cleaning wooden cutting boards in your dishwasher

Not a lot of people know that wooden cutting boards shouldn’t be cleaned in a dishwaster because they might crack and split due to the heat.

You are better of cleaning them on your own with soapy water.

Using too much water when cleaning hardwood floors

The experts at Cleaners Manchester do not recommend using water when cleaning hardwood floors in general but if you are using a cleaner that needs to be diluted with water then suggest you lightly dampen your mop instead of soaking it in the mixture.