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Why you aren’t cleaning your kitchen the proper way?

Are you cleaning your kitchen the proper way? You probably think you are doing all of the right steps. You might even clean it every day but if you neglect to do the following things I am here to tell you – your kitchen is still dirty.

– Clean your kitchen sink every day

If you could see the number of bacteria that is in your kitchen sink you will be disturbed. Some of these germs can actually cause serious food poisoning.

You need to wipe the sink after every use to prevent these germs from spreading.

– Clean the reusable grocery bags you use

I do recommend you use reusable grocery bags since they are great for the environment. But you should be cautious since they are bacteria magnets.

Research shows that E. Coli was found on more than 97 percent of the bags they sampled.

E. Coli is a dangerous bacteria that leads to serious food poisoning.

Do not use your reusable bags for carrying other things – only groceries. You should also wrap meat and fish in a plastic bag before throwing them in the reusable one so you can prevent leakage.

Clean them by turning them inside out and spraying them with a cleaner. Then let them air dry.

– Sanitize your dishwasher

Don’t count on the dishwasher to clean itself – it’s your job. The fact that it cleans dishes does not mean that you don’t have to do a single thing. Research shows that the door is covered in dangerous bacteria and different kinds of fungi.

But how are you supposed to clean and sanitize a dishwasher? Mix white vinegar with water and put it in a spray bottle. Then spray the inside of the dishwasher with it and run it on empty on the hottest cycle (without putting any detergent in).