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Different Uses of Microfiber, Cotton and Green Mops

MopsGenerally, there are three types of mops available to cleaning services providers in the field. These are cotton mops, microfiber mops and synthetic, also called green mops. Many professional cleaning companies like Cleaning London have moved away from using natural cotton cleaning equipment due to a number of reasons. First of all, cotton farmers around the world have seen some rough time in the last few years, and production has dropped because of bad weather destroying much of the cash crop.This automatically raises the price of the commodity/material as there is more than demand than supply.

Second of all, cotton mops require a break in period as cotton contains natural oils which must dissolve before the mop reaches its peak cleaning capacity. Last but not least, cotton cleaning equipment is high-lint, which makes it impractical, even unusable in certain cases where perfect hygiene is required i.e. cleanrooms, healthcare facilities etc.A good alternative to cotton mops are so called green mops. In most cases, green mops are made of recycled materials providing the same cleaning and absorption properties like cotton.

Such green mops are commonly manufactured using variations of nylon. They don’t require a break in period, and they are notably cheaper than cotton ones. This will translate to fewer supply and material costs for professional cleaners. A good alternative to both cotton and synthetic cleaning mops is the microfiber mop. Industry specialists refer to such cleaning equipment as innately green as its manufacturing process is less energy intense. More so, microfiber cleaning equipment requires less water and cleaning chemicals due to its improved cleaning and absorption characteristics. Furthermore, microfiber cleaning equipment is lighter than other mopping systems, which makes it ideal for all professional cleaners. A cleaning process that is less laborious and straining on the body will reduce the chance of work related injuries.

Microfiber mops come in two main types – flat mops and string mops. Both kinds are lint-free. A flat microfiber mop is basically a cleaning pad with a handle. The string microfiber mop uses the same string structure as conventional cotton or synthetic mops. If cleaning services providers are tackling large areas that need efficient cleaning such as corridors or halls, it is better to use a string microfiber mop as it covers a larger area than its flat mop counterparts. Microfiber mops are made using non-organic materials, which means they do not develop mould or musky odours.